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Equipment & Capacity

CNC Turning 8 Units, 3-Axis Capability c/w Live Tooling
Maximum Swing: 38"
Between Centers: 165"
Bar Feeder: Up to 1.75" Dia.
CNC Vertical Boring Maximum Swing: 106"
Under Carriage: 77.5"
CNC Vertical Milling 4 Units, 4 Axis Capability
Max. Travel: 29" x 30" x 53"
CNC Horizontal Mills 5 Units, 5 Axis
Max. Spindle Dia: 6" (152.4mm)
Max. Travel: 110" x 360"
Max. Table Size: 96" x 320"
Equipped with gundrilling attachment
Conventional Turning 4 Units
Maximum Swing: 50"
Between Centers: 360"
Conventional Milling 6 Units
Max. Table Size: 16" x 80" x 18"
Horizontal Boring 3 Units
Max. Spindle Dia: 5"
Max. Table Size: 78" x 78"
Max. Travel: 140" x 80" x 80"
Vertical Boring/Turning 3 Units
Maximum Swing: 161"
Under Carriage: 118"
Miscellaneous Gundrilling, Vacuum Plate, Slotting, Presses, Surface Grinding
Welding & Fabricating MIG, TIG, Arc and Oxy/Acetylene
Stainless Steels, Aluminum, Alloys, Bronze and SAW & Hard-face Overlays
Plant and Facilities 32,000ft.2
25 Ton Crane, 30 ft. under hook

In addition to these in-house capabilities, we also have an excellent network of sub-vendors to draw upon for more specialized manufacturing procedures, including Centerless and Cylindrical Grinding, Honing, Heat Treating, Gear Cutting & Splining, Chroming and other Coatings. All work adheres to current ISO 9000 standards. Our welding facility is CWB approved.